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Martell NCF


Martell NCF is characterized by its exceptionally fresh, lively style, with sensual hints of apricot jam and vanilla which, after swirling, are enriched with notes of mandarin and pink grapefruit. On the palate, chilled by the ice, it feels sumptuously smooth and velvety, revealing notes of citrus peel, candied fruit and vanilla, which linger lusciously into the rounded, well-balanced finish. On its own or with a mixer – peach, lemon tea or soda water, for example – or simply a dash of freshly squeezed orange juice with ice, Martell NCF offers a refreshing new option for men and women in the know who want a sophisticated and deliciously easy signature drink.


Martell NCF, lighting up THE nights for aN IMPRESSIVE experience

Enticing in taste, exciting in design, Martell NCF comes in a stylish, state-of-the-art bottle with a light-reflective metallic copper coating. Translucent at the top, it fades to full transparency at the base of the bottle so as to reveal the lush amber-gold of the cognac. The transparent label evokes the filtration process with a series of glossy white lines, which glow in the dark under UV lights.

Fabulously fresh, fantastically fun, Martell NCF is the cool new vision of cognac. Let it light up your night!

NOW every BOTTLE comes with a Martell Frappé, focuses on a cutting-edge shaker which lights up when it is shaken – a sure way to grab everyone’s attention.

RM 219.00